MGH is a showroom for kitchen utensils and dining cutlery founded in Egypt by Mohamed Gomaa Helal in 1995, initially selling stainless-steel products only.
With a lot of effort, it has evolved into the big entity it is now, with everything our customer needs in the kitchen at the highest quality and the lowest price, as well as two branches and an administrative HQ.

MGH’s story

MGH was established in 1995 by Mohamed Gomaa Helal. The first store was established in Abu-el-Numros, Giza, Egypt and immediately dominated the market of kitchenware. With a wide variety of products, we pride ourselves in the high quality we ensure as well the ease of cleaning our tools, while conforming to all necessary health specifications for the safety of our customers and their families, despite dealing with top-of-the-line factories in Egypt, middle east  and most of the world, our prices remain competitive as MGH has remained present for more than 28 years in the Egyptian market.

What distinguishes us

Not only does MGH provide beautiful, distinctive designs but it is our priority to provide practical, high-quality products that can withstand different temperatures and are resilient to all kitchen devices.


MGH aims to be the leading name across the world in the field of tableware with its own design brand.


- Integrity
- Safety
- Commitment to quality and
- Our own distinctive style

HoReCa Business

We believe that our staff and products are very suitable for restaurant and hotels so we can supply all kind of plates, deep dishes, bowls and oven service and also we can supply all kind of spoons that might need in restaurant and hotels because we can find our shapes and designs are

Business to Business (B to B)

We have our own warehouse

Business to Customer (B to C)

We have our own branches customer can find us easily

Customers service

MGH offers a 24-hour customer service team to satisfy our customers’ needs and enquiries.


MGH also offers mobile applications on all platforms to make their selection easily accessible as well as allowing customers to order products for home delivery or to be picked up from one of our branches, besides receiving points and gifts when using our apps.

Offers and ((Points systems))

MGH always provides offers and discounts to their customers through a well-rehearsed points system, where customers can redeem their points in exchange for a selection of our products. Additionally, Build up points & check what they're worth in-store at the till, online via your account or using the app. For example, 1234 points equals £12.34 to spend!.